How They Should Make Avengers: Infinity War – Part 2

You can read Part 1 here but to sum it up:

  1. Thanos opens a fault in reality and ancient beings known as the Many Angled Ones invade the MCU, causing the galaxy to unite against a common foe. This distraction allows Thanos to collect the Infinity Stones.
  2. The Guardians of the Galaxy travel to Earth to ask for help from the Avengers but find that Earth’s heroes are fighting against each other.
  3. Thanos comes to Earth and with Earth’s heroes divided, he is able to defeat them and claim the last Infinity Stones. Several heroes are killed in the process including Captain America.

As Marvel has stated that Infinity War Part 2 will be going by an as yet unannounced title, this version will be called:

Avengers: Secret Wars


To make things as simple and clear as possible from the beginning, we can essentially boil the movie down to three key plot points:

  • Thanos believes Lady Death is growing disinterested as nothing can challenge him anymore. He creates Battleworld to find champions worthy of defeating him.
  • The original Avengers are abducted and forced to fight against champions from other worlds for the right to face Thanos. Meanwhile, a new generation of Avengers gather on Earth.
  • The champions of Battleworld take on Thanos in the final battle for the fate of the universe.


1. A New God

We open on Jotunheim, the home of the Frost Giants. A vast army of giants charges across the frozen landscape towards a figure shrouded in shadow. The figure steps out of the darkness and grins.


The Frost Giants throw themselves en masse at Thanos but they are wiped out in in the hundreds with each passing second. Finally, Thanos grows tired of this sport and with a snap of his fingers, the entire planet simply folds in on itself, disappearing into a black hole. We are treated to a montage of Thanos subjugating and destroying world after world. Any planet that doesn’t kneel and worship him as their new god is snuffed out.

Eventually, Thanos returns to the world he created at the end of Infinity War, an idyllic and ethereally beautiful paradise covered with monuments to Death. Thanos’ world is empty save for three inhabitants. The first is the Ebony Maw, a powerful telepath and the last surviving member of Thanos’ Black Order. He greets Thanos and bows deeply to his lord and master. The second is Thanos’ daughter, Nebula. She is chained to Thanos’ throne like a dog, her limbs twisted and mangled. This is her punishment for her betrayal. She is muttering to herself, driven mad by the torture Thanos has put her through.

The last inhabitant we meet is a slender and unassuming hooded woman standing beside Thanos’ throne.


Lady Death does not look at Thanos as he approaches her, boasting of his exploits. Thanos talks of how he has conquered galaxy after galaxy in her name. He has delivered billions upon billions of souls to her. He professes his love but still, she remains silent. The Maw begins to look uneasy and we realise that he is still unable to see Lady Death.

Before he can speak again, Thanos hears laughter and turns to see that the sound is coming from Nebula. Thanos asks her what is so amusing and Nebula tells him that Lady Death has spoken to her.

Thanos is furious and almost kills Nebula right then and there but hesitates when Death turns to look at him. Through gritted teeth, Thanos demands that Nebula tell him what Death said. Nebula says that Death has grown tired of him. The Infinity Gauntlet has made Thanos weak. Before the Gauntlet, he had to fight and scratch and struggle for every ounce of his power. Now, he is nothing but a man crushing insects and calling himself a conqueror because of it.

Thanos is silent for a while but slowly, a smile crawls across his face. He understands what he needs to do now.

2. Fallen Heroes

It’s been six months since the end of Infinity War. We catch up with each of our heroes through a short montage and none of them are doing well.

  • Black Panther is on Wakanda, trying to repair the damage done during Infinity War.
  • With his family dead and his world broken, Thor has hidden himself away in the desert.
  • Dr Strange is drinking alone in the ruins of Kamar Taj.
  • Hawkeye, Ant Man and the Wasp have returned to their families.
  • Widow has gone back into hiding under a new cover.
  • We see Falcon standing alone at the grave of Steve Rogers.
  • The Scarlet Witch has returned to Sokovia and is trying to live a normal life. She’s clearly troubled as she can feel the psychic shockwave every time Thanos wipes out a planet.

There’s an air of tension, as they all know their world could come crumbling down at a moment’s notice.

Finally, we come to Tony Stark. He is working feverishly around the clock to create a new suit that can combat the Infinity Stones. He looks crazed and sickly, as if he’s falling apart at the seams. Peter Parker and Bruce Banner enter and tell him to slow down as he has barely slept in the last few months. Tony snaps at them, saying that Thanos could end them all with a thought at any given moment. The only reason they’re still alive is that because they’re too insignificant to worry about. Immediately after he says this, he vanishes, along with the suit he is working on. Bruce and Peter are bewildered but a moment later, Bruce vanishes too.

Peter is left alone in the workshop and understandably, he starts freaking out.

3. Welcome to Battleworld

Tony panics as he finds himself in what appears to be a warped and twisted imitation of New York.


He puts on his suit and begins to explore his surroundings until he is attacked by a horde of Chitauri. Tony fights bravely but the numbers game starts to get to him until reinforcements arrive in the form of Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor and the Hulk – the other surviving members of the original Avengers. Together, they wipe out the Chitauri and start trying to figure out what is going on.

They don’t have to wait long as a giant image of Thanos himself appears high above them. Thanos congratulates them all for being chosen. He welcomes them to Battleworld and explains that across the cosmos, six worlds have been chosen for this honor. The six greatest heroes from each world will represent their planet as they fight to the death for the greatest prize in the universe – the Infinity Stones.

As Thanos speaks, we get just a brief glimpse of the other champions across Battleworld:

  • The Dire Wraiths – grotesque ethereal creatures who practice dark magic.
  • The Makluans – colossal reptilian beings who look just like dragons.
  • The Skrull – a proud warrior race of shapeshifters.
  • The Builders – one of the oldest and most powerful races in the galaxy.
  • A fifth unknown group of humanoid figures are also shown. They all wear sleek, futuristic armour which covers their faces.

(Note: it doesn’t really matter to the story which worlds or races have been chosen by Thanos, I just decided to use the races which Marvel Studios still owns the rights to and would provide the most interesting visuals and action sequences.)

Once there is one world left standing, Thanos will cut himself off from the power of the stones and descend from his throne to battle the surviving champions as a mortal. He is giving them all one last chance to take back their universe.

May the best world win.

4. The Sixth Champion

Understandably, all the Avengers think this is insane. It occurs to Tony that Thanos has chosen the five heroes who opposed his first attempt to take Earth. However, Thanos said six of them were chosen yet Tony only counts five among them. There’s a solemn silence at this as the wound of Steve’s death is still fresh. After a moment, Tony says there must be a sixth champion of Earth out there somewhere.

We cut to a Chitauri squad patrolling New York. Thanos is using them to control the game and keep the champions moving but this squad seems to be terrified. Someone is picking them off from the shadows one by one in increasingly brutal fashion. They begin to panic as this shadowy figure slaughters the Chitauri until only two are left. One Chitauri is dragged into the shadows and we see that whatever grabbed it has a metal arm.

The final Chitauri retreats into an alley, only to run right into the shadowy figure’s waiting arms. Finally, the figure is revealed as he guts the Chitauri like a fish. It’s the Winter Soldier.


Meanwhile, we see another section of Battleworld, a swamp-like marsh shrouded with violet fog. The champions of the Dire Wraiths use their powerful magic to rip apart a vast fleet of Chitauri.


Their victory is short lived as they are ambushed by six armoured humanoids who simply wipe the Dire Wraith champions out with dazzling beams of pure energy. After this awesome display of power, the armoured figures disappear.

5. Marvelous

Back on Earth, Peter Parker is in panic mode trying to figure out where Tony and Bruce have gone. After a day of fruitless searching, he returns home to find a man in a black hoodie waiting outside his door.

We cut away to see more shadowy figures in different locations tracking down other former heroes. A man in a hood watches Falcon as he makes his daily visit to Steve’s grave. One watches Scarlet Witch walking through the market in Sokovia. Another waits outside Scott Lang’s apartment. We even see one lurking in Black Panther’s palace.

Finally, we catch up with a woman wearing a hat and dark glasses jogging through the streets of New York. She notices a hooded figure following her and jogs faster to avoid him. The woman returns to her apartment and takes off her hat and glasses to reveal that it’s none other than Carol Danvers aka. Captain Marvel.


Captain Marvel’s solo film is set between Infinity War Part 1 and 2 so this should hopefully leave her fully powered and ready to go for Secret Wars. Carol finds the hooded man waiting for her and promptly grabs him by the throat, lifting him into the air with one arm. Cosmic energy crackles in her free hand, illuminating the entire apartment as she demands to know why the man has been following her.

Obviously, the man can’t talk with Carol crushing his windpipe and she soon realises this. She drops him to the floor so that he can explain himself. After taking a moment to recover, the man lowers his hood to reveal a familiar face.


It’s Nick Fury.

The shady figures following the heroes are all revealed to be Fury’s contacts. Nick introduces himself and tells Ms. Danvers that they have a lot to talk about.

6. Secret Invasion

The five Avengers wander to the edge of the fake New York to find an entirely alien city lying before them. Thor recognises this as the Skrull capital. They try to turn back but find that the fake New York begins to crumble, eventually sinking into an abyss. Thanos is obviously pushing them to fight. They explore the Skrull’s city and find a little human girl in peril. They rush to help her but it’s an ambush as the little girl is a disguised Skrull.


Fox has shared rights so we unfortunately can’t use some major Skrull characters like the Super Skrull but we still get to see the Skrull show off their shapeshifting powers and with the element of surprise they start to gain an advantage on the Avengers. This quickly changes when the Winter Soldier shows up to turn the tide.

There’s still major tension between Tony and Bucky but despite this, the Avengers defeat the Skrull. Bucky fights savagely, slaughtering the Skrull with extreme cruelty. After Steve’s death, he has gone full on Winter Soldier mode and he’s more killing machine than man at this point. Only one Skrull remains and Tony tells the Avengers to show it mercy. However, Bucky snaps its neck without a second thought. The ground begins to crumble away once more as the Skrull city begins to sink.

We cut to a moon overlooking Battleworld. Thanos is there, watching the games from his throne. He is grinning from ear to ear. He asks Lady Death whether she is enjoying herself. Still, he gets no response and his grin quickly fades. The Maw looks uneasy again and he hesitates for a moment before very cautiously questioning whether Thanos should go through with his plan to fight the champions without the use of his gauntlet.

Thanos says nothing. He just grabs the Maw by the throat and turns him into dust. Nebula watches from the shadows, a mad smile spreading across her face.

The cracks are beginning to show. Heavy is the head that wears the crown.


1. Some Assembly Required

We return to Earth to find that Fury has brought the heroes to Avengers HQ. Peter Parker, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Black Panther, Ant Man, the Wasp and last but not least, Captain Marvel all gather in the meeting room and get better acquainted. Soon, Fury and Maria Hill walk into the room and explain the situation. The original Avengers have all disappeared off the face of the Earth.

After Parker recounts how Tony and Bruce disappeared into thin air, Black Panther quickly deduces that their disappearance is the work of Thanos and it’s just a matter of finding out where Thanos has taken them. Scarlet Witch suggests that they seek out Dr Strange to locate the Avengers but Panther says that even if Strange can find the Avengers, they still need to find a way to leave the planet. Carol speaks up and says that she’s been tracking an alien energy signature on Earth for weeks using a device she took from the Kree. She believes that if they can track down the source, they can find a ship.

Fury decides to split the heroes into two teams. Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, Ant Man and Wasp fly to Kamar Taj to find Dr Strange while Captain Marvel and Falcon track down the ship.

2. Picking Up the Pieces

Scarlet Witch uses her powers to track down Strange and break into Kamar Taj. They find that Strange is an absolute drunken mess. As Dr Strange slowly sobers up, the team try to talk him into helping. Ant Man’s nervous rambling and Panther’s stern lecture have no effect but Strange finally begins to come to his senses after Parker gives him a version of the “with great power comes great responsibility” speech. He agrees to help.

Strange has trouble using magic at first as he is out of practice and still quite drunk. He has trouble extending his senses beyond Earth but to his surprise, Scarlet Witch is able to assist him with her vast reserves of energy, exponentially increasing his reach. With his skill and her raw power, Strange locates the Avengers. They watch a projection of what is happening on Battleworld and begin to formulate a plan.

Carol and Falcon bond over their shared military experience as they follow the energy signature of the ship to a small farm in Missouri. They are surprised to find the Guardians of the Galaxy there. The Guardians are all living with Starlord and have acclimated humorously well to farm life. Carol and Falcon find Quill in the garden and tell him the Avengers have all gone missing. Quill just shrugs it off. He doesn’t care. His failure and the death of Yondu at the end of Infinity War seems to have hit Quill quite hard. He’s not Starlord anymore.

The Galaxy can guard itself.

3. The Eternals

On Battleworld, The Avengers escape the sinking city and find themselves in a vast and beautiful garden. As soon as they are clear, Stark tackles Bucky and they have to be pulled apart by the other Avengers. Thor tells them to put their differences aside until this is over. They need to get out of this place as Thor recognises it as the home of the Builders, one of the oldest and most powerful races in the entire universe. Of course, right on cue, the Builders arrive.


They say that the Avengers must be cleansed. Their destruction is for the greater good. The Avengers put up a good fight but are clearly outmatched by these ancient gods. However, the six armoured figures who wiped out the Dire Wraiths appear out of no where and begin to help the Avengers. Together, the Avengers and these mysterious champions are able to wipe out the Builders. The Garden crumbles around them and they all escape to another area which appears to be some sort of hyper advanced metropolis.


The armoured champions remove their helmets and introduce themselves as the Eternals of Titan. Thor is horrified and tells the Avengers to prepare for battle. This is the race that spawned Thanos.

The leader of the Eternals, a kindly looking older man simply sighs and raises his hands in surrender. He tells the Avengers that his name is A’Lars. Many call him Mentor.

We see Thanos on the moon watching Mentor closely. Nebula asks who this Mentor is. Thanos smiles and tells her.

Mentor is his father.

4. The Legend of Thanos

That night, the Eternals sit down with the heroes of Earth and speak about the Mad Titan. Mentor tells the story to the Avengers while Thanos recounts his own version to Nebula and Lady Death.

Mentor explains how the Eternals were once a beautiful, powerful and proud race, ruling peacefully over the galaxy. Thanos was born as a Deviant, a mutation and the first of his kind to appear in millennia. He was stillborn and his mother died during the birthing. Miraculously, Thanos sprang to life as his mother’s soul left her body.


The child was brilliant beyond compare and excelled in all areas of study and combat but he grew obsessed with the concept of death, delving deeper and deeper into the dark arts. His only friend was his sister, a beautiful and kind child who accepted Thanos for who he was. Despite this, Thanos killed her as an offering to death.


For the first time, he met Lady Death herself and fell in love. For his actions, Thanos was banished from Titan but he grew rapidly in power over the years all in the name of proving himself worthy to Lady Death. Upon his return, he destroyed the entire planet. Only a few Eternals were able to escape the destruction. They have been in hiding ever since.

The Avengers are shocked by this story and Mentor tells them that he hopes now that they will understand. Thanos must be stopped and the Eternals are the only ones who can do it. The Eternals betray the Avengers and surprise them with a sneak attack. The Hulk is able to collapse a skyscraper on them and Thor creates a storm to cover their retreat but Hawkeye is fatally wounded during the skirmish.

5. A Hero’s Farewell

The Avengers carry a dying Hawkeye to a new area and find themselves in a hellish volcanic landscape. They hide out in a cavern and try to keep Clint alive but it’s useless. Clint says his goodbyes and asks them to take care of his family. His eyes go blank and he passes away. Natasha cries for her fallen comrade and the pressure finally gets to Tony as he has a full on mental breakdown.

Meanwhile, Thanos appears to Mentor and mockingly says that he is so very proud of his father. It seems like Thanos is a chip off the old block after all.

6. Assembled

Back on Earth, Carol and Falcon are finding it impossible to get through to Peter Quill. Carol loses her temper and they almost come to blows until a portal opens. Spider-Man, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Ant Man, Wasp, Nick Fury and finally, a rejuvenated Dr Strange arrive on the scene.

Strange shows the Guardians what is happening on Battleworld and they are all shocked by the death of Hawkeye. Quill finally comes to his senses and agrees to help. Fury gives this new team his blessing and gives them one last inspiring speech before they board the Milano and head to what might be their doom.

The next morning on Battleworld, Avengers are woken up as the cavern they are hiding in begins to crumble around them. They are forced to leave Clint’s body behind as they escape the collapse and find themselves ambushed by the Makluans. The race of gargantuan dragon-like beings rain fire upon the Avengers, lead by their king, Fin Fang Foom (a classic Iron Man villain, just to serve as a nice little Easter egg for fans).


As the fight drags on, Tony is ready to give up entirely but Bucky of all people pulls him out of it. At last, they reconcile and together, they rally the Avengers. Finally working as a cohesive team, the Avengers are able to slay the dragons and with a devastating combination attack, they destroy Fin Fang Foom.

The heroes stand tall, united once again.

Tony tells the team to rest up because they’re going to take the fight to the Eternals. Hawkeye’s death won’t be in vain. Battleworld is down to the final two worlds and it’s finally time for the Avengers to live up to their name.


1. Titanfall

On Battleworld, the Avengers return to the city of the Eternals. They find the Eternals waiting for them and once again, Mentor apologises for what comes next. The ensuing battle destroys most of the city but the Avengers eventually overcome the more powerful Eternals through superior teamwork and skill.

After a fierce and brutal battle, Mentor is the only Eternal left alive. He wishes the heroes of Earth good luck. Tony moves in for the kill but Widow stops him. She’s tired of killing. She’s tired of death.

Unfortunately, Thanos isn’t.

The Mad Titan himself appears out of nowhere and freezes the heroes of Earth in place. Thanos bids his father farewell before simply beating Mentor to death with his bare hands.

2. Secret War

The Avengers are teleported onto Thanos’ moon and forced to their knees before his throne. Nebula greets them, still clearly out of her mind as she waves happily to the heroes. Lady Death watches them from the shadows, saying nothing.

Thanos sits upon his throne and congratulates them for their efforts. They are the champions of Battleworld and have earned the chance to face him. He is nothing if not true to his word. There’s a blinding flash of light as Thanos releases the energy of the stones and they turn dark and colourless. A shimmering hour glass shape composed of pure light appears overhead. He has turned off the gauntlet for a total of six minutes in Earth time.

That’s all the time they have to defeat the Mad Titan.

The battle begins and the Avengers throw everything they’ve got at Thanos. They do some damage but they’ve all been through the gauntlet and are already injured and exhausted. Thanos powers through their assault and clears the field, knocking the Avengers away with a massive shockwave.


Suddenly, a familiar ship soars overhead. The Milano swoops towards Thanos as the Guardians of the Galaxy make their triumphant return. They unleash every weapon their ship has to offer all over the Mad Titan. Thanos just shrugs off the assault and blasts the ship down. However, he’s hurled off his feet by a combined blast from Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch and Dr Strange as the New Avengers leap into the fray through a Sling Ring portal.

The original Avengers, the New Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy unite and launch a final assault at Thanos. They dominate the Mad Titan, thrashing him all across the moon. Yet he keeps getting back up.


Finally, after the Hulk crushes him to the ground with enough force to shake the entire moon, Iron Man, Thor, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch and Dr Strange blast him with everything they have left at the same time.

He stays down.

It seems as if the Mad Titan has been defeated. However, before they can deliver the final blow, time runs out and the Infinity Stones light up once more. Thanos laughs as all his wounds are healed instantly.

They have failed.

3. Death

Thanos freezes the heroes in place once again, laughing madly. With his enemies at his mercy, Thanos begins to torture them all simultaneously using the Infinity Stones. As they writhe pitifully in the dirt, Thanos gloats to Lady Death. He has overcome his greatest challenge, just like she asked of him. However, still she says nothing. Thanos becomes completely unhinged. His rage begins to re-arrange the very cosmos and we see the stars themselves begin to shift until the entire sky is spinning madly above him. The moon begins to shake and crack. In the distance, we see Battleworld crumble into dust. Planets all around the galaxy begin to explode and stars collapse spontaneously into black holes. Thanos begins ranting about how he will kill the entire universe if he has to. He demands to know whether Lady Death loves him.


Before she can answer, Thanos feels a stabbing pain in his side and he turns, shocked to find that Nebula has escaped from her chains and somehow broken through his defences to ram a shard of metal into his ribcage. Nebula cackles madly and with her last breath, she calls her father a pitiful fool.

Thanos turns her to ash, eliciting a grief stricken scream from Gamora. However, Thanos falls to his knees, coughing up blood. He looks at his gauntlet and realises that one of the stones is missing. He turns and sees that Bucky used his Vibranium arm to rip the Space Stone from the gauntlet during the battle – the stone that began this all.

As we established in Part 1, using multiple stones without all six in balance tears the mortal body apart at a startling rate which has left Thanos injured and vulnerable. Before Thanos can recover, Dr Strange uses one of his light whips to yank the gauntlet from Thanos’ grasp. An enraged Thanos struggles to his feet and blasts Strange and Bucky.


Even though Strange is just barely able to shield them both from the brunt of the blast, he and Bucky are knocked out, sending the Gauntlet and the Space Stone flying.

Thanos lunges for the gauntlet but Black Panther springs past him, slicing one of his eyes out. Screaming in agony, Thanos swats Panther into the horizon. He lunges again for the gauntlet but he is knocked back by Captain Marvel.


Thanos is reeling but with a savage roar he hits Captain Marvel so hard she is sent into orbit. However, he is unsteady on his feet, barely able to stand. With no one left to oppose him, Thanos staggers towards the gauntlet and the stone. They are within his grasp but suddenly, both are yanked away inches from his fingertips … by a web.

The gauntlet and stone zip into the hands of Peter Parker.

Spider-Man puts on the gauntlet and inserts the final stone.


4. Infinity

Peter is engulfed with the energy of the stones and seems overwhelmed by this rush of power. He screams, falling to his knees. As Peter truly experiences the cosmos around him, his Spider Sense is multiplied a billion fold. He has an intense moment of clarity and hears Uncle Ben’s words once more. With great power … you know the rest.

Peter rises and Thanos lunges at him … only to have his fist effortlessly caught with one hand. Spider-Man absolutely crushes Thanos, beating him senseless with strikes that literally shake the entire moon. Finally, Thanos is forced to his knees, broken and defeated. Despite this, Thanos smiles and dares Peter to finish the job. Either way, he will be with his Lady. However, while he is on his knees, Lady Death comes to him, unknown to the heroes.

She speaks her first word to him. It’s the answer to his question.


Peter freezes Thanos in place, turning him to stone and cursing him with the worst punishment of all for the Mad Titan – eternal life.


With his final act, Peter destroys the Infinity Gauntlet and sends the Infinity Stones to the furthest corners of the universe.

As the smoke clears, the boy sways unsteadily on his feet before finally collapsing.

5. Homecoming

Six months later, we catch up with our heroes.

Thor has returned to Asgard to rebuild his kingdom. Bruce reunites with Betty Ross. Natasha has retired and is living a quiet life out in the country. The Guardians are back to wandering and looking for odd jobs in the depths of space.

We catch up with Peter Parker as he returns from school. To his chagrin, he finds Tony flirting with Aunt May once again. Tony takes Peter aside and asks the kid how he’s holding up. Peter says he can barely remember what happened when he put on the gauntlet but it did give him some perspective. The Avengers are here to protect the world. But it’s Peter’s job to protect New York.

Someone’s got to look out for the little guy.

Tony smiles and bids Peter farewell. He’s going to take an extended vacation somewhere warm, sunny and catastrophe free. He’s just glad that the world has people like Peter to protect it.

Finally, we see the New Avengers at their new mansion, funded by Stark Industries. The team consists of Captain Marvel, Dr Strange, the Black Panther, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Ant Man and the Wasp.

Captain Marvel gathers the team and smiles as she says “Avengers Assemble”.

6. A New Dawn

Bucky stands over Steve’s grave and gives a heartfelt speech telling Steve how much he meant to Bucky. Finally, Bucky tells Steve goodbye. Tony meets him there and puts a hand on his shoulder.

He hands Bucky a circular package and tells him:

“Steve would have wanted you to have this.”

We cut to the credits as Bucky opens the package, revealing the reforged shield of Captain America.


After Credits

Spider-Man returns home and takes out the ripped suit he wore during his battle with Thanos. There’s a sticky black liquid splattered across the Spider-Man symbol.

Slowly, the darkness begins to spread across Spider-Man’s suit.


Phew, that’s all folks!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback and ideas.

While you’re at it, why not check out my alternate version of Avengers: Age of Ultron?

15 thoughts on “How They Should Make Avengers: Infinity War – Part 2

  1. Absolutely awesome, if the movie is even half as good as that it’ll be the best movie in the entire Marvel series. It was definitely worth reading the whole thing and I really hope you keep re-writing more movies in the future. All I can say is I think you missed your calling as being a professional writer but once again, great job. 10/10

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! Deadpool is actually owned by Fox studios so he can’t appear in Marvel Studios films unfortunately. 😦


  2. Another amazingly written story. Very interesting battles. The final one seems endless yet i didn’t want it to end as it was so exciting. Love the ending. Ties in nicely with what Sony has planned.


    1. Thanks so much! I actually drew inspiration from a martial arts movie called The Raid for the final battle. In the Raid, the heroes face off against the main villain in a six minute all out brawl where they throw everything they’ve got at the villain but he just keeps getting up like some kind of monster.


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  4. Reading this is so awesome.

    Had me like ….”wow…venom at the end” you sir have some talent. Hope Disney/Marvel contacts you


  5. I’ve read Parts 1 and 2 and I must say, this was absolutely incredible! Everything plays out so well. The storyline, the characters, etc. I really hope Avengers 3 and 4 play out in a similar direction if not exactly how it went here. Thanos being killed by Spider-Man was amazing. I also love how Captain Marvel comes in and pretty much takes over for Captain America after he dies. A great setup for her upcoming solo movie. I also love Bruce reuniting with Betty Ross at the end. I really hope she returns somewhere in Avengers 3 and/or 4 and reunites with Bruce. I also love the last two scenes with Peter & Tony and Tony & Bucky. Tony’s right; while the Avengers were there to protect the world, Spider-Man had to protect New York. Plus, Tony definitely deserved a vacation after everything he went through. And Tony giving Bucky Cap’s shield was amazing. Not to mention how awesome that post-credits scene was with the Venom symbiote absorbing Spider-Man’s suit. Wonderful job! 🙂


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