Batman v Superman Reimagined – Part 3

Click here for Chapter 1: The Dark Knight Returns

Click here for Chapter 2: Kingdom Come



Once Superman returns to Metropolis, he searches for Lois’ heartbeat. He can’t find it. Superman rushes to the hospital but it’s too late. The doctors did their best but her injuries were too severe.

Lois Lane is dead.

For a while, Clark just stands there, unable to comprehend this loss. Then he explodes. The Man of Steel screams in anguish and bursts out of the hospital into the night sky. He floats above Metropolis, utterly devastated. He sees the Bat signal above Gotham and flies towards it.

After Superman leaves, Luthor gets up, seemingly uninjured and strolls right up to Lois Lane’s hospital bed. The hospital workers are revealed to be working for Luthor and take her body with them. Luthor seems to be absolutely ecstatic. His grand puppet show is reaching its climax.


Superman arrives in Gotham, crashing to the earth with the force of a meteorite. Batman is there waiting for him in a deserted section of the city. At first, Batman tries to convince Superman that Luthor planned all this but Superman is having none of it. He is blinded by his rage and wants revenge for Lois’ death. To him, all evidence points to Batman being the culprit. But even then, he seems to be just barely keeping himself under control and says that he wants to bring Batman into custody in one piece even if every fibre of his being wants to break the Bat.


Batman calmly states that Superman will have to kill him. For a moment, Superman seems to consider it.


The battle begins in earnest as Batman bombards Superman with his entire aresenal. Gotham City itself seems to come alive to attack the Kryptonian. Sonic waves, missiles, machine guns, the Batmobile, he hits Superman with everything he’s got.

It all does absolutely nothing. The Man of Steel walks through the hailstorm of artillery completely unharmed.


We cut to Lois waking up in a dark room filled with monitors, handcuffed to the railing of her bed. Lex is smiling at the foot of the bed with a gun pointed directly at her. She cries out for help but Lex says the bunker they are currently occupying is Superman proof. Lex explains that he had his people drug her, making it appear as if she died to spur Superman into action.

He turns on the monitor to reveal that he has his drones filming the whole fight and broadcasting across the world. All of humanity will have front row seats to watch the fight of the century. Luthor explains that either Batman will kill Superman or Superman will kill Batman. The survivor will be shown as the monster they truly are. But on the off chance that either of them refuse to play their part, Lois will ensure that at least Superman sticks to the script. Whatever happens, Luthor wins.

We return to the battle and Superman has the clear advantage, slowly advancing and shrugging off each of Batman’s blows despite the mechanical suit enhancing Batman’s strength. Batman grapples from rooftop to rooftop but Superman cuts him off at every turn, eventually hurling him bodily into the Bat symbol, shattering it completely. He begins to throw Batman around like a rag doll until he is distracted by a barrage from the Batwing which allows Batman to douse the Man of Steel with Kryptonite. Superman is disoriented and throws a wild swing at Batman.


Now with the full advantage, Batman begins to demolish Superman. It’s his turn to hurl Clark around like a ragdoll. Batman pounds Superman like there’s no tomorrow, drawing blood from the Kryptonian for the first time.


However, Superman begins to recover from the Kryptonite’s effects and slowly regains his strength, giving us a truly even fight as both titans brawl with everything they’ve got. They exchange blows and seem to be evenly matched.


The even playing field doesn’t last long as Superman regains more and more power by the second, pushing Batman back inch by inch. Finally, Superman regains his full power and laughs off Batman’s best shot. With one hit, he puts Batman down, heavily damaging the Bat’s armour.

Superman is bloodied and filled with rage as he lunges at Batman. But at the last second, Batman blasts him with another Kryptonite grenade. Superman crashes to the ground in a heap, powerless once more.

Now with the Man of Steel at his mercy, Batman proceeds to beat Superman to a pulp.


With Superman down and out, Batman retrieves the Kryptonite spear and holds it above Superman, ready to drive it into his heart. For a long while, he stands there, the spear trembling in his hands. Finally, it plunges downwards – and stops just millimetres from Superman’s chest. Horrified that he has come so close to abandoning everything he stands for, Batman tosses the spear away and staggers away from Superman.

He realises that he has become the man with the gun. He’s become what he has dedicated his life to fighting. He sinks to his knees just as Superman recovers and lunges at him. The Man of Steel grabs Batman by the throat, eyes glowing bright red.

Superman is shaking with rage, still reeling and confused from the waning effects of the Kryptonite. He’s about to snap Batman’s neck. For a while, he just stands there, holding the Dark Knight in the air with one hand. All around him, he can hear them talking about him. All of Gotham, all of Metropolis, he can hear them whispering as they watch Superman about to kill Batman. They’re afraid of him. They think he’s a monster. Superman releases Batman as their voices become too much to bare. He takes off without another word, rocketing towards the sky at full speed. He flies up out of Gotham, past the clouds until he begins to leave Earth’s atmosphere completely. He’s had enough. He’s realised that the world is better off without Superman.

Batman staggers out of sight of Luthor’s drones and falls into an alley, his armour falling apart at the seams. He takes off his helmet and closes his eyes, disgusted that he allowed himself to go this far. He realises that he has ended up in Crime Alley and he looks to the spot where his parents fell, imagining their bodies laying there. He remembers the promise he made and his eyes harden. He calls for the Batwing and takes off towards Lexcorp.


Luthor is seething at the fight’s outcome and almost loses his cool. He quickly regains control and switches to Plan B. He points the gun at Lois and tells her that it’s time for her to play her part. Lex has his men lead her out of the bunker and into the elevator. They head towards the roof of Lexcorp Tower. On the way, they pass Doomsday’s chamber and Lois is horrified as she sees the monstrosity half shrouded in shadows.

Meanwhile, Alfred delivers the sword to Diana Prince along with the envelope. She is watching the last moments of the Batman vs Superman coverage on her laptop and sees Batman alone and broken before the feed cuts to black. Alfred greets her and asks her to open the envelope. Inside is a photograph of her during the war. Alfred says he can see why she turned her back on mankind. They’re an unruly, violent and self destructive lot. But Alfred has hope that they can be better. He asks Diana to give humanity one last chance.

Luthor and his men drag Lois to the roof of Lexcorp where they find the Dark Knight himself waiting for them. Luthor is unimpressed and expresses his disappointment that Batman was too weak to do his job and kill the Kryptonian. He taunts Batman, telling him that his secret identity was even easier to deduce than Superman’s. Bruce Wayne, the heir to the Wayne fortune, born into privilege with a genius intellect and trained to the peak of human perfection. Yet he’s been made to dance like a puppet by Lex Luthor – a sickly farm boy from Kansas. Lex orders his men to kill Batman. Predictably, it doesn’t go particularly well for them.


Lois takes advantage of the confusion and escapes Luthor’s clutches, knocking him flat on his ass in the process. Before Luthor can stop her, she runs to the edge of the roof. Luthor realises what she is doing and screams for his men to grab her but it’s too late. She leaps off of Lexcorp Tower and plummets towards the streets below.

We cut to Superman, still flying away from Earth. He slows and turns back to look at the planet one last time before he exiles himself for good. He hears a familiar voice calling his name and for a moment, Clark thinks he’s hearing things. But he hears it again and with blistering speed, he hurtles back towards Earth.

He catches Lois, embracing her in mid air before she can splatter on the pavement. They kiss passionately, utterly overjoyed to see each other alive before Clark sets her down gently on the roof of a nearby building. Lois tells Clark about Luthor’s plan and also warns him of the creature in the bunker. Superman kisses her one last time before taking off back towards Lexcorp.

Superman arrives just in time to find Batman advancing upon Luthor who seems entirely amused by the whole situation. Superman and Batman seem wary of each other but for the moment, they are united against a common enemy. Superman demands to know why Lex tried to have him and Batman kill each other. Lex tells Clark that as an alien, he wouldn’t understand. Superman is faster, stronger, better than anyone and everyone on Earth by default. He never had to work to become what he is, he never had to scratch and claw his way up as Lex did.

Lex has done more for mankind than any human being alive and yet everyone talks about Superman. Everyone talks about the Man of Steel who saved the planet. No matter how hard Lex works, no matter how much better he gets, his accomplishments will always be pointless as he’ll never measure up to Superman. But with Superman out of the way, Lex can be the hero the world deserves.

Before Superman or Batman can stop him, Lex presses a button on a hidden remote and the building begins to rumble. Far beneath, in the hidden bunker, a creature begins to stir. Superman asks Lex what is going on. Lex simply replies that he has sacrificed to much for this night to end any other way than with victory. If man won’t kill god. Then the devil will have to do it. In the bunker, we see the monster’s eyes fly open.


The entire building begins to collapse as Doomsday unleashes a colossal wave of energy and explodes from the bunker. Superman manages to save both Lex and Batman by the skin of their teeth, depositing them on a nearby rooftop with Lois. In the distance, they see Lexcorp crumble completely. Luthor is laughing like a mad man. He tells both heroes that Doomsday has arrived.

The monster emerges from the rubble and immediately begins destroying everything. Both Superman and Batman are shocked by the sheer speed and ferocity which it tears through the city. Superman twists a metal pipe around Lex’s wrists and then kisses Lois one last time before hurtling away to confront the beast.

Lois watches him leave and we can see that she’s filled with dread as Lex cackles behind her. Lex reminds her that he covered all the bases tonight. No matter what happens, Superman is finished. Even if he kills the monster, the damage done during the battle means that mankind will never trust him again. Batman slugs him in the face, knocking him out.


Superman crashes into Doomsday at full speed and begins to throw everything he’s got at the monster. At first, he seems to be beating Doomsday back. But with each hit, Doomsday seems to budge a little less until he starts shrugging off every punch thrown by Superman. Doomsday then begins to beat Superman senseless.

Superman changes his tactics and begins to use his speed and heat vision, peppering Doomsday with lightning fast attacks. from all sides but as they fight, he sees the damage spreading throughout the city. The monster’s speed seems to increase, adapting to Superman’s tactics and manages to pluck Superman out of the air by the throat. To Superman’s surprise, it snarls his name – Kal El. Clark realises that this creature is somehow another incarnation of Zod just as it begins to pound the farm boy into mush.


The world watches as Superman is systematically torn apart. On the tower, Lois is horrified, screaming for Clark to run while Batman grits his teeth and then calls for the Batwing. He flies over Doomsday and unleashes a barge of artillery, distracting it for a moment. It leaps towards the Batwing but with the last of his strength, Superman tackles Doomsday before it can reach Batman and begins to drag it up into space.

The military watches as Superman and Doomsday exit the atmosphere. Amanda Waller curses Lex Luthor and tells them to deploy the nuke. General Swanwick from Man of Steel makes a cameo and protests but Waller is adamant. Superman proved with his actions in Kahndaq that he seems more interested in ruling humanity than saving them. This gives them the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Both threats must be neutralised. The missile is deployed and collides with both Superman and Doomsday.


Waller breaths a sigh of relief as the explosion lights up the sky above both Metropolis and Gotham. But the feeling is short lived. They realise that the creature is still alive. Doomsday crash lands in Gotham, completely unharmed. It begins to wreak havoc on the city until Batman flies in on the Batwing and begins bombarding the creature, attracting its attention. It follows the Batwing, allowing Batman to lead it to the uninhabited Ryker’s Island in between Gotham and Metropolis.

Once there, it knocks the Batwing out of the sky, leaving Batman defenceless. With its sights fixed on Batman, the monster’s eyes begin to glow. Batman realises that just like Superman, the creature possesses heat vision. It’s a Kryptonian. It unleashes the blast and Batman is blinded by a wall of dazzling light.


Once the light fades, Diana Prince, clad in full Amazonian battle armour stands between Batman and Doomsday. She unleashes some power of her own, staggering the beast. Wonder Woman has finally arrived.

Batman questions her about her motives for returning to action. She simply says that for the first time in a long time, she met a good man. This brings a smile to Batman’s face. Even in the midst of all this chaos, he can always count on Alfred to come through. With her sword raised and shield at the ready, Wonder Woman leaps into action and goes toe to toe with Doomsday.


Far above the battle, Superman has been knocked out by the nuke and this has left him shrivelled and wilted. He is unconscious and once again, is dreaming of floating high above Earth. He can hear the screams of the humans below and he’s unable to help them all. Through the noise, he hears a familiar voice speaking to him:

They will race, and stumble, and fall and crawl … and curse …and finally …

They will join you in the sun, Kal-El.

The sun shines on his face and we see Superman begin to heal. As his body returns to full strength, Superman opens his eyes and like a falling star, hurtles towards Earth.


Back on Ryker’s Island, Wonder Woman is holding off Doomsday but just barely. The beast has her on the ropes but finally gets a grip on her throat. She spits in its face and it just roars at her defiance before attempting to crush her skull – just as Superman arrives. The rejuvenated Man of Steel knocks Doomsday across the island with a single punch.


The heroes greet each other and at first, the atmosphere is tense.Superman is puzzled by Wonder Woman’s presence but she assures both of them that she is here to help. She’s spent a century on the sidelines and she’s not about to let a monster destroy the world she once loved.

As  Doomsday rises from the bay, Batman tells Superman that since he is likely to die, he asks for Superman’s forgiveness. He says that he allowed Luthor to manipulate him, allowing his fear of Superman to turn him into one of the monsters that he had dedicated his life to hunting. Superman apologises as well since his own actions gave Batman reason to be afraid. They were both supposed to be heroes that inspired hope but in their desperation to enforce complete safety and complete control, they inspired fear in the people they pledged to protect.

They put aside their differences and focus on the monster charging towards them. For the first time, the trinity stands together ready for battle.


While Wonder Woman and Superman fight Doomsday, Batman points out the monster’s attack patterns and weaknesses. This allows the two juggernauts to push it back but just when it seems like they have the creature on the ropes, it begins to behave erratically and quickly regains the advantage again.  Batman realises that Luthor designed the creature to adept to whatever tactic or weapon used against it, growing in strength with each passing second. But he does see one fatal flaw in it’s design – it’s Kryptonian genes means that it should be susceptible to Kryptonian weaknesses.

However, with the Batwing destroyed, he has no way of reaching his spear. As if on cue, another Batwing arrives, piloted remotely by Alfred, who has returned to support Bruce in his hour of need. Batman thanks Alfred for everything and flies off in the Batwing back towards Gotham.

In Metropolis, Lois convinces Perry to fly a chopper to her location. She has Lex at gun point and is forcing him to come with her to Ryker’s Island. She knows that he must have a failsafe to ensure that Doomsday won’t run wild after it has killed Superman. And if he’s in the creature’s path of destruction, he’ll have no choice but to deactivate it.

Superman and Wonder Woman are struggling against Doomsday. Wonder Woman manages to cut off its hand but it just grows more bone spikes from the stump and continues to thrash both of them as it grows in strength. With one hit it sends Wonder Woman sailing to the outskirts of Metropolis and though Superman holds his own for a while, Doomsday steadily gains the advantage. Soon, it just starts bludgeoning Superman with gusto.


Batman returns, leaping out of the Batwing just before it crashes headlong into Doomsday. The monster is unharmed but is distracted long enough for Batman to douse it with Kryptonite gas. It is stunned and left reeling but recovers before Batman can use the spear.  Batman just barely avoids its blast but is knocked away from the spear and taken out of commission. With the momentary annoyance taken care of, Doomsday resumes his happy past time of Superman pinata.

Lois arrives in the chopper and throws Luthor out. Doomsday immediately stops fighting and upon seeing Luthor, it flies into a rage. It lunges at Luthor and he is forced to speak the deactivation code. Doomsday stops dead in its tracks but after a moment, it adapts to this new threat as well and overcomes its programming. It tries to incinerate Lex but Superman throws his nemesis out of the beast’s path, taking the hit himself. Lex falls out of harm’s way but was still burned by the blast, setting his hair and clothes ablaze.

Lois lands the chopper and tries to help the battered Superman to his feet while Wonder Woman leaps back into the fray and throws herself at Doomsday with a vengeance. Batman joins her and peppers Doomsday with Kryptonite grenades, keeping it off balance long enough for her to get some good hits in.


The Kryptonite grenades leave it groggy and Wonder Woman is able to contain it with her Lariat though it takes all of her strength. Superman sees his one chance to end this. He gives Lois a sad smile before he takes up the Kryptonite spear. She realises what he is about to do and begs him not to do it. Clark tells Lois that he loves her before he flies towards his doom.  Superman makes the final sacrifice, stabbing Doomsday with the spear. In its death throws, Doomsday impales Superman..


Doomsday falls. The monster is finally vanquished but at a great cost. Lois rushes to Superman’s body while Batman and Wonder Woman stand over them. We fade to black as Lois clutches Clark’s body.




The world is mourning Superman. A Superman statue has been unveiled in Metropolis. Thousands of tributes and flowers have been laid around the memorial. We see people around the world wearing the Superman symbol proudly. Around the world, he is honoured as a hero.

In Smallville, there is a small private funeral service attended only by a few. Lois comforts Martha as they stand over Clark’s grave. Bruce and Diana watch them from a distance and speak about what the world has lost. Diana says that she once fought to protect humanity long ago but lost her faith in man’s world. But now, she can see a spark of hope again. Diana compares Clark to Prometheus – he gave his life and in doing so, he has inspired humanity to be better. Bruce agrees and promises that his death will not be in vain. He reveals to Diana that he plans to form a team of metahumans to protect the world in Superman’s absence. Superman may be gone but he has inspired something that will ensure his legacy lives on.

We see that Lex has been placed in maximum security prison and is forced to shave off what little remains of his hair. He scratches a Superman symbol on the walls of his cell and he laughs to himself. It was all worth it after all. Lex Luthor always wins.

There’s a young man visiting the Superman monument in Metropolis. He stares up at the massive statue, eyes lingering on the symbol of hope emblazoned on its chest. We realise that this is one of the metahumans from Luthor’s database. This is the Flash.

Bruce Wayne walks next to the man and stands by his side. They look at each other and Bruce gives the young man a slight nod just as we cut to our closing credits.


That’s it! Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – redone and remastered! I hope you enjoyed reading.

Thanks all for reading and for sharing your thoughts!

Sound off in the comments below and tell me about what your version of Batman V Superman would be like.

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16 thoughts on “Batman v Superman Reimagined – Part 3

    1. I’m struggling with this too and I really want to change it as well but I can’t really think of another ending that had as much punch and worked with the theme of Superman atoning for his sins and fulfilling the Prometheus myth. Any ideas?


      1. One idea I have is maybe changing up the villain from Doomsday to Bizarro.

        And instead of killing him, Supes retains to the point of someone else (like Diana) who is okay with killing.

        Like most people, I was not a big fan of killing off Supes as it kinda felt like a middle finger. I do get the reasoning behind it though.

        But yeah… wasn’t a good descision


    2. No idea, but I think Superman should still be alive when the Justice League forms.

      Here’s an suggestion, why not have Superman die fighting Darkseid instead later on in the DCEU?


  1. I actually thought Dawn of Justice was pretty good. I also think several of the criticisms toward the film have legitimate explanations.
    That said, this is, without a doubt, infinitely superior to what we got.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It was a spectacular remake. I got more emotional reading this ending than watching the actual film. Everyone felt so in character, the connection to the bigger universe was there, and it felt like a much more natural lead in to forming a team.

    I hate the idea of killing Superman in just the second film of the series, but unless you planned on just scratching the original, I don’t see any other organic way for it to end.

    Reading this put a huge smile on my face. Great job.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If you swap out doomsday for a new villian, say Amazo. You could have the trinity defeat it. Then some fail safe that triggers a nuclear explosion starts to count down in side Amazo. Superman takes Amazo into space where it explodes and everyone is convinced superman dies in the explosion. Later after a Batman’s “men are still good” speech you cut to the scene where the family is on the roof of the house in the flood. They looks up to the sky and we see superman returned, rejuvinated and proud to be helping people again. Crowd cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Can someone make a fan cut of this, please? Because there’s no way anyone at WB recognizes this as an infinitely superior storyline.

    Great work. Maybe Paul Dini / Bruce Timm will make an animated version of the movie with this plot 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dude i know im kinda late but this is the most dope script rewrite ive ever read. So much complexity and everyone is right in character. Very very well done. I only wish the movie, even though i still liked it especially the ultimate edition, had been half as complex in plot as this was. Very nolan esque. Good job. Id like to see what you could do with suicide squad, anotjer movie i liked but could see the potential for massive plot upgrade

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Amazing! I love this entire version of BvS, and I could easily imagine so many of the moments happening. The scene you had with superman hearing his father’s voice honestly sent chills down my spine. I’d love to see your take on the original Man of Steel or Suicide Squad, both of which are films with interesting concepts that were executed in ways that could really be tuned up.


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