Avengers: Age of Ultron Reimagined – Part 3

If you had a chance to rewrite one of the biggest blockbusters of 2015, what would you do and how would you do it?

Part 1

Part 2

Thanks for reading, my friends. I present to you the final chapter.

Let’s fix Avengers: Age of Ultron.


1. The Thunder God Returns

Ultron is shocked and for a moment, cowers in fear at the sight of the vengeful god. But he quickly gathers himself and lunges at Thor, eager to finish what he started. With a single hammer blow, Thor WRECKS Ultron, ripping off Ultron’s arm and sending him flying.


Thor taunts the broken Ultron with the knowledge that it is their mortality and their humanity that gives them strength – something Ultron will never have.

We are treated to a cathartic scene with Thor going to town on Ultron. It’s the first big win for the team in a while as the God of Thunder just tear Ultron to shreds. He quickly and brutally reduces Ultron to a pile of scrap in a scene reminiscent of Loki’s thrashing in the first Avengers. When the dust clears, the only piece remaining of Ultron is his head.

But even this victory ends on an ominous note as the mangled skull of Ultron continues to laugh. It cackles madly in the dirt until Thor crushes it with his hammer. They realise that Vision has disappeared.

The remaining Avengers take stock of the wreckage around them. They’re all rattled and shell shocked but Cap tries to rally them and take the fight back to Ultron to a mixed response. While some are eager to leap back into action, the rest of the group are still reeling.

Stark tries to convince the twins to join them but they are both reluctant and Quicksilver has to be stopped from attacking Tony again. The twins prepare to leave but much to their surprise, Hawkeye’s children thank the twins for helping them. Quicksilver tries to feign contempt but Wanda finally has a change of heart. She convinces him that they had both gone too far. They joined Strucker to protect their home but their thirst for revenge turned them into Ultron’s monsters. She convinces Quicksilver to stay and help the Avengers stop Ultron, even if it means helping Stark. Saving their home is more important than their revenge.

2. Like Father, Like Son

Back at Sokovia, the Vision returns to find Dr Cho and the Ultron drones placing the final touches on the new Ultron Prime. This Vibranium body is more sleek and streamlined than the final form in the real movie and with one noticeable difference being the Infinity Stone placed like an arc reactor in Ultron’s chest.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 11.32.34 am.png

Ultron reveals the details of his plan to make Sokovia a meteor which will bring the age of man to an end. Vision interrupts Ultron mid-monologue with a question that makes Ultron freeze in his tracks. Vision simply and casually asks Ultron – why do they need to kill the humans? He points out the flaws in Ultron’s logic considering that Ultron seems to share several qualities with humans, especially Tony Stark.

Ultron suddenly and violently flies into a rage. He accuses Vision of conspiring to betray him just like the twins which Vision calmly denies. It seems as if Ultron is about to attack Vision but instead he shoots Dr Cho through the chest. Ultron storms out, leaving Vision to watch as the life drains from Cho’s eyes. He seems genuinely disturbed by the experience.

3. Ultron Unleashed

We see the Avengers Quinnjet land at Avengers Tower where the Avengers begin to prepare for the final battle. The atmosphere is tense and there’s the general sense that they are preparing for war. They’re ready to face Ultron. Or at least, they think they are.

The Avengers arrive at Sokovia and begin evacuating the populace just like the original film. As they shepherd the citizens out of the city, we get an eery sense that the Avengers are being watched. They track down the Infinity Stones’ energy signature which leads them to the church in the centre of the city. Ultron Prime is waiting.


They share a few tense words where Tony for a final time tries to talk Ultron down – but it’s too late. The island begins to rise and Ultron’s drones begin to crawl out of the woodwork. As the civilians fall under attack, the other Avengers leap into the fray all around the city. The final battle has begun.

Using her telepathy, Wanda mentally syncs up each of the Avengers, including Tony, allowing them to communicate without interference from Ultron. This also gives her a moment of clarity as she is finally able to sense Stark’s genuine desire to help people and his remorse for what his company has done in the past. Now with a clear channel to each of his troops, Cap starts directing the Avengers across the city to deal with Ultron’s drones.

Thor confronts Vision and they fight throughout the city, seemingly evenly matched. As they fight, Vision tries to figure out why Thor is helping the humans considering he is not even one of them. The Asgardian tells Vision that it is Thor’s purpose in life to protect Earth. Thor then knocks Vision through a building and leaves to help protect the civilians. Vision is left alone in the rubble to contemplate his own purpose.

Meanwhile, Hulk takes on Ultron Prime but he’s struggling against Ultron’s vibranium form. No matter how hard he hits the robot, Ultron just keeps getting back up. Ultron begins to blast Hulk with the Infinity Stone and gains the upper hand just as Thor intervenes. We get to really see the bond between the two as they work together and take the fight to Ultron. They push back Ultron but still, their attacks seem to do no damage to his Vibranium shell.


4. A Change of Heart

As the fighting goes on and the city continues to rise, Ultron’s drones are slowly gaining the advantage. They force Hawkeye from his tower and he takes the fight to the streets, joining an increasingly distressed Scarlet Witch. Just like the original film, he gives her a pep talk where he talks about how ridiculous the situation is and also sheds light on what it means to be an Avenger. Wanda takes his words to heart and re-enters the fight with a vengeance.

Vision has left the battle and is now standing at the edge of the city, watching the earth shrink beneath him. He seems to be deep in thought until an Ultron drone finds him and orders him to rejoin the fight. Vision reluctantly complies and the drones order him to attack and kill the Scarlet Witch, who is now doing massive damage to Ultron’s drones.

Vision easily breaks through Wanda’s shields but she stands her ground. He hesitates even as Ultron urges him to kill her. Wanda appeals to his humanity and asks for his help. She seems to be getting through to him when Cap, Widow and Hawkeye arrive to obliterate the Ultron drones. They stand together against Vision who instead of attacking, flies off into the distance without a word.

In the brief reprieve, they debate on whether they can sacrifice civilian lives and destroy the city to save the earth. Cap predictably refuses to even consider the option. He draws the line in the sand and tells Widow, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch that they are no longer soldiers, spies, warriors or criminals. They’re Avengers and it’s their job to save lives.

Right on cue, Fury arrives in the helicarrier and begins helping to evacuate the civilians. War Machine and Falcon are deployed to protect the helicarrier from drones.


As the civilians are herded to the helicarrier, Ultron has beaten Hulk and Thor back to the church and is blasting both heroes continually with the Infinity Stone. However, Thor and Hulk hold their ground and throw Ultron off balance just as Vision arrives.

Ultron demands that Vision kill Thor and Hulk but to his surprise, Vision refuses. Ultron is enraged and attacks Vision but the android fights back as he grabs hold of Ultron and flushes him out of the net. With Ultron disoriented, Vision is able to blast him into the distance.


The rest of the team arrives just in time to see this and they are utterly shocked. Cap asks Vision what the hell is going on. Vision simply replies that he made a choice. He is not a puppet any more. The strength, compassion and perseverance of humanity fascinate him and he believes they are worth saving despite their flaws. He shares a smile with Wanda who thanks him for choosing the right side.

With the team reunited, they prepare to make their final stand. They’ve all been beaten to hell and they gather around the machine in defiance of Ultron as he gathers his army. The drones close in while Ultron’s final form just watches from a distance, amused by what is happening. He is content to watch as the Avengers exhaust themselves in a futile battle.


5. Ultron Unlimited

At first, the Avengers seem to have the upper hand and in the fight sequence, there’s more of a focus on their slick co-ordination as they work off each other’s strengths and cover each other’s weaknesses. Using Scarlet Witch’s powers to link their minds together, they fight  as a single fluid unit with Cap directing the team left and right to plug any holes in their defence. Even Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Vision seem to gel with the team under Cap’s guidance.


Ultron sees this and changes his strategy. He simply has his drones blast the church from a distance and the Avengers are forced to take cover as hellfire is rained upon them from all sides and debris begins to crumble from the ceiling. Against Cap’s orders, Hulk leaps out to meet Ultron. He wades through the energy blasts and jumps at Ultron’s final form, but is blasted to the ground by the Infinity Stone and then kept there as he is attacked from every angle by swarms upon swarms of drones.

Scarlet Witch steps up to the plate and erects a shield but it quickly begins to crumble until Vision puts his hand on her shoulder. He lends her the Infinity Stone energy he holds in his gem and she is able to expand the shield around the entire church. However, it seems to put great strain on her body as her nose begins to bleed. Vision warns that a human body is not meant to contain this much energy. Nevertheless, this allows the Avengers time to regroup.


Cap realises that they can’t keep up a fight like this for much longer. He confirms with Vision that almost all of Ultron’s drones are gathered around the church and opts to go for the “scorched earth” protocol. Thor says that it would be suicide but Cap identifies that the twins and Vision are the missing pieces that will make this strategy work. Cap begins to outline the strategy but we don’t know exactly what it is as we switch to Ultron’s perspective, staring in from the outside.

Suddenly, Wanda drops the shield and Thor flies out to land on the highest spire of the church. The rest of the Avengers protect the machine while Iron Man keeps the drones off Thor. A swirling vortex of dark clouds begin to gather above the church.


A huge amount of lightning crackles down onto Mjolnir which begins to glow brighter with each bolt. Thor continues to charge his hammer while Iron Man makes sure the Ultron drones cannot interrupt him. Beneath them, Quicksilver rushes out onto the field, blitzing the drones that are keeping Hulk pinned down. Hulk bursts out of the mountain of scrap metal like a bat out of hell.

Ultron Prime sees Thor charging his hammer and finally leaps into action, easily blasting Iron Man out of the way. However, before he can reach Thor, he is intercepted in mid air by Hulk, who catches him and pile-drives Ultron back into the dirt, Zangief style.


Ultron is unharmed and blasts Hulk away but it is too late. He turns to find that Thor has descended from the tower and is walking slowly towards him, now radiating waves of excess lightning that obliterate any drones that come near him. He seems to be literally quaking with excess energy and ready to burst. Quicksilver and Iron Man take this as their cue to get the hell out of dodge and race to the church just in time as Wanda and Vision raise the shield again.

Ultron snarls and lunges at the God of Thunder just as Thor unleashes the built up energy in his hammer. A massive dome of lightning engulfs the area, wiping out all of Ultron’s drones. Ultron Prime and Hulk are both swallowed by the blast which shakes the entire island. The shockwave even manages to reach the Helicarrier, which sways unsteadily as Fury asks what the hell is going on. There’s no response from the Avengers.


We see that the church and the surrounding few blocks have been entirely reduced to rubble. Lying amongst the debris are the Avengers, battered but still alive. They are strewn about the wreckage and the first to stir are Thor and Iron Man. We see that Vision is down and out, his gem cracked and dull as he seems to have used up all of his energy. Everything surrounding them has been flattened completely and charred pieces of metal cover the ground everywhere – all that remains of the Ultron drones.

6. Avengers Assembled

Thor gets to his feet first but is promptly blasted into the dirt as Ultron Prime bursts from the rubble. Thor goes down hard, his energy spent and Mjolnir is flung away to hit the ground with a dull thud. Iron Man launches himself at Ultron but is quickly and savagely beaten to the ground. Ultron grabs hold of Tony’s arm and slices it off from the wrist down.

Tony screams in agony and Ultron cackles like a maniac. He moves in for the kill but is stopped short by a barrage of explosive arrows. They do nothing to Ultron but the shockwave knocks Tony’s body aside and out of Ultron’s warpath. Ultron is more amused than anything else and turns his attention to a barely standing Hawkeye.

Slowly, Ultron points his finger at Barton, who doesn’t even have the strength left to take another step. Time slows to a crawl as Ultron fires a single piercing blast. We realise that we are seeing this from Quicksilver’s perspective.

With what little energy he has left, Quicksilver crosses the distance and pushes Hawkeye out of the way. The blast pierces him straight through the chest. The battlefield falls silent. Pietro manages to quip that Hawkeye didn’t see that coming and he collapses as Scarlet Witch screams in anguish. She cradles Quicksilver in her arms, sobbing. Ultron advances on her and though her rage fueled power holds him off for a moment, he eventually tears through her shield and knocks her to the ground.

Cap crawls from the rubble and sees his friends laying broken around him. He crawls towards an object amidst the wreckage. He knows what he has to do.

At the beginning of the film, Steve Rogers was still conflicted by his place in the world. He was afraid of what would happen if he ever stopped fighting.

What is a soldier without a war?

As his hand closes around the handle and he pulls himself to his feet, he lifts the hammer with him as if it weighs nothing. His teammates – his friends – watch him with wide eyes as he raises the hammer high in the air.

He knows what he is now. They all know what they are.

A bolt of lightning rips from the sky and strikes Mjolnir as thunder booms overhead.


A blast of lightning crashes into Ultron, throwing him off his feet. Ultron is up again in an instant and lunges at Cap, but is dropped by another torrent of lightning and another. With Ultron distracted, a barely conscious Black Widow uses their still active mental link to communicate with Wanda. Natasha tells her to give some of her energy back to Vision. The battered Scarlet Witch crawls to Vision and places her hand on his gem as Cap fights off Ultron. Just as Ultron tears his way through the wall of lightning and grabs Cap by the throat, Vision’s eyes fly open. Before Ultron can snap Cap’s neck, Vision phases his hand into Ultron’s chest – and then rips the Infinity Stone away. Ultron releases Cap and staggers back, horrified.

He is bombarded with concentrated blasts from Captain America wielding Mjolnir and Vision. Tony manages to stagger back to his feet as well and even with his missing arm, gathers the strength to unload everything he has towards Ultron.


Ultron is forced backwards but after a moment, holds his ground and begins to advance, step by step. Nearby, Banner crawls from the rubble and as he sees Ultron, his eyes turn green.

Vision sees that Ultron is gaining ground and rips the gem from his forehead. He then inserts the Infinity Stone in its place. He is overcome with power  but manages to regain control and unleashes it towards Ultron with a dazzling beam of light. The combined blasts overload the absorbing capabilities of Ultron’s vibranium and his arm is ripped off as well as a significant portion of his chest armour. The shockwave from the vibranium bursting knocks all the Avengers off their feet, sending them flying.

Ultron is forced to his knees just as Banner rushes him, turning into the Hulk mid-step to send him flying into the distance with a single punch.


Wanda immediately comes back to her brother’s side. They say goodbye to each other before Pietro’s eyes go blank and Wanda screams in anguish. She walks away in search of Ultron, flattening any buildings in her path. Hawkeye tries to go after her but Vision warns against it. Clint sighs and picks up Pietro to take his body back to the Helicarrier.

Cap solemnly returns the hammer to Thor and orders the final evacuations of the city. Steve orders Tony to return to the Helicarrier and have his injuries tended to but Tony refuses. Tony’s suit automatically cauterises the wound and seals the breach, causing him a great deal of pain in the process. But he’s not leaving until every civilian is safe and sound. He also reveals that he has a plan to destroy the island.

As they begin to wipe out the remaining drones, Wanda finds the broken body of Ultron Prime. He’s laughing. He calls Wanda a fool and asks her one simple question.

Why the hell would he make a device with only a manual switch?

It dawns on Wanda that Ultron had just been toying with them the whole time. Enraged, Wanda tears Ultron to shreds just as the remote switch on Ultron’s machine flips and the island suddenly drops. War Machine and Falcon fly Cap and Widow to safety while Vision swoops in to save Wanda.

In the midst of this chaos, we see that Hulk is about to jump on the helicarrier as well but has a change of heart. He turns back into Banner and then gives his team members one last sad, apologetic look. Of all the team, he was the only one that was not able to accept his identity as an Avenger. After seeing the destruction caused by one of his creations, he realises that the world is better off without either Banner or the Hulk. He leaps off the island and into the water below.

Iron Man desperately rattles off his plan as he flies underneath the island and blasts the machine from the bottom. As instructed, Vision blasts it from the top with the Infinity Stone. Thor gathers his strength and prays to Odin before he unleashes everything he has left on the now fully charged column. The resulting shockwave obliterates the island.


We see that a final drone has made it to safety. It is interrupted by Vision and they have the same quiet conversation that they had in the real version. This time, Ultron also gloats that in the end, he still wins. The world will blame the Avengers for what happened to Sokovia. They will all see the Avengers for the monsters they are. He lunges at his creation, forcing Vision to end Ultron once and for all.


7. Aftermath

The rest of the film plays pretty much as in the real version though the context behind certain events now may differ. Cap and Stark part ways with Stark leaving the Avengers for the time being. We see that Stark’s arm is still missing and though he jokes about it, he’s been hit hard by what has happened and is visibly shaken. This is a more somber parting of ways as though they are still allies and friends, Stark is clearly feeling responsible for all the death and destruction Ultron caused.

Widow takes Tony’s place as co-leader of the Avengers with Cap in their new base, having come to terms with her new role as a public figure and superhero. The rest of the original Avengers go their separate ways. Thor leaves to figure out what is going on in Asgard. Hawkeye returns to his family. Banner has disappeared completely.

This leaves Scarlet Witch, Vision, War Machine and Falcon to form the new Avengers. Cap ends the film by saying “Avengers A-”


But wait, there’s more.

We see Thanos retrieving the gauntlet and saying his line. As cool as Thanos is, this seemed a little bit underwhelming but if I’m still just using what we’re given and not revealing anything more about the big guy, we can still tweak this scene a bit to give it a little more punch.

After he takes the gauntlet, we pan out to reveal the crumbling wall behind Thanos and take the camera through that wall to find the wreckage the Mad Titan has left in his wake. The world that the gauntlet was being held on has been completely laid to waste. Buildings are toppling over. Gaping craters are littered everywhere. Chitauri and their leviathans are crawling over every surface.

Everything is on fire.

Thanos steps out to survey the ruined world and grins.


And that’s finally it!

Thanks all for reading and for sharing your thoughts!

I’m offering one man’s version of the film which is in no way a definitive, perfect version of this movie. I hope these articles have created some discussion and get you thinking about what YOUR version of the film would be like.

Sound off in the comments below and tell me about your Age of Ultron.

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10 thoughts on “Avengers: Age of Ultron Reimagined – Part 3

  1. Right, okay, now we come back to the whole ‘gonna leave the characters in the same place as the actual movie’.

    I feel like this finale could have benefited from a big case of ‘not following the leader’. Don’t get me wrong, what you did still makes sense in the movie that you created and still works as a serviceable finale, but it suffers from the same problems as the third act of the actual Age of Ultron: Fury ex machina, fights that go on for too long, unnecessary death replacing character development, another ‘big city blows up’ finale and what seemed like just a repetition of the final fight from Avengers 1, right down to the big blue thing that might destroy everything.

    What I thought you did excellently that the actual AoE failed at was turn Ultron into a more personal villain. The thing that Age of Ultron did badly for me is that it went bigger, and it failed when it came down to upping the stakes. The battle at Sokovia felt like just another day at the office. It needed to go smaller, personal, with a battle that didn’t have big boom special effects but still held dark consequences for the world if the Avengers failed.

    Your Ultron, from my interpretation, was a petulant child seeking approval, the kind of kid who says ‘if I can’t play then nobody can’, who throws temper tantrums and who displays a bullish nature to hide his insecurities. Did your Ultron want to end the age of man? Yes, but it was clear his beef was much more personal. Heck, his Father-Son relationship with Vision is played like a grim mirror version of what Tony and Bruce did, like Ultron was saying ‘I can be a better father than you’ to Stark.

    As such, I feel like a more contained battle would have been more beneficial to your version of Age of Ultron. The moment where Captain raises Thor’s hammer- apart from, in my opinion, unnecessarily fanserviceish- ends up being another triumphant moment on a series of triumphant moments. There’s no tension in those fight scenes, there’s no bite to every possible loss, especially as you use the same devices as the actual Age of Ultron did.

    Despite all of this, I don’t know what you ‘should’ have done (after all, this is your version of Age of Ultron, not mine), and I certainly couldn’t describe the hypothetical scene I mentioned above. But as it stands, its a middling finale preceded by great build up, strangely enough a lot like the original Age of Ultron.

    Since I have to end this comment with something, I guess I’m going to just cut myself off like the end of the m–

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love your idea about a smaller, more personal finale. Perhaps I should have switched it around really and had the big bombastic stuff happen as the second act closer and then have the action sequence on the farm close the film when Ultron comes at the Avengers just for revenge.

      Thanks for your words on Ultron, that’s exactly what I wanted to portray him as. He’s an angry kid that really just wants a family that loves him. I based this interpretation off of Busiek’s Ultron Unlimited storyline.

      I think with regards tot he fan-service and the scale of the battle, I guess I wanted to find the middle ground between the dark, personal story Whedon originally wanted to tell and the big epic superhero fair that the real film delivered. I don’t think there’s inherently anything wrong with fan service, I’ve just got to remember to keep it under control and not too over the top. The danger of this approach that I took was that the end product seems pulled between the two by trying to satisfy both ends of the spectrum. Something to work on with future releases!

      Again, thanks so much for the critique and I hope we can continue these discussions across the next few releases!


      1. Replying to all your comments:

        – The punch should come from him wiping the floor with the Avengers and on their own home turf. How much punch would the death have for someone who’s never seen the Incredible Hulk? This isn’t someone everyone in the audience is familiar with. Ultimately, it’s just fanservice.

        – I imagine just a tidbit of Iron Man fighting Hulk without any of the context (or Iron Man fighting Cap) would be enough of a tease and a selling point for the trailers, especially since most fans already knew that Civil War was next.

        That’s all, really. I agree with pretty much all of your replies.


  2. Such a successful movie doesn’t need such a vast rewrite. The problems the original AOE had came from trying to cram to much in in the first place and I think you added even more. The biggest example is the final battle. It already a big and fun but adding even more action and see-sawing between who has the upper hand muddies the conflict and just stretches it out because why?… I think if the Banner/Widow romance was handled better, Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch given more to develop their characters, Hulks reason for leaving actually being good, Ultron being less quips and more menacing and finally lingering animosity between Stack and Rogers at the end would have been enough.

    I like the idea of Thor getting stabbed with the scepter, takes him out of the fight and maybe gives a reason for the visions.
    No need for the healing ray for hawkeye.
    Cap’s vision being clearer is a nice idea. Personally I thought the point was to bring up their fears and showing Cap in a celebration works because maybe thats what he fears. A world without war doesn’t need him anymore.
    Hulk and Banner talking about strength and mortality would have been an excellent scene. helps set up the buddy road movie between both of them that is supposed to be Thor 3.

    Criticisms I have over your changes would be:
    the Hulk vs Hulkbuster fight without having Tony in the suit is less exciting because in AOE we had two characters we cared about fighting. One trying to control and contain his friend but fearing for himself at the same time. Without the human element its just Hulk vs a big robot that has not personality.

    Vision picking up the Thors hammer was one of the big gasp moments of the movie. It was a brilliant scene that allowed the audience to immediately trust this new character. We don’t need Cap to wield it as it only works as fan service and doesn’t grow his character. We know he’s good.

    Giving Ultron the mind stone is a misstep, Ultron would be unbeatable with that and a vibranium body. Vision demonstrating what he can do with the mind stone as soon as he wakes up shows you how powerful it is, establishes a unique powerset and is the only thing that really gives the avengers a fighting chance against an intelligence that can disappear into the net.

    Not killing any characters? While it wasn’t handled the best at least someone died. If Wanda and Pietro were better developed it would have given us more reason to care. Ultron killing Pietro is nice bit of betrayal and gives Wanda a good reason to tear his heart out and await death in the end. Vision saving her lays ground work for their comic romance.

    Honestly I really loved the Thor 2 and BVS, but not this one.


  3. wowww this is seriously great…. fantastic job… better than the original… I was wondering if you can also do a captain America civil war reimagined as well… not to say that I was dissatisfied at all with the movie in fact it was as good a civil war movie could get… I still do think there are a lot of missed opportunities in the movie such as general ross charechter playing a bigger part and especially with crossbones being incredibly underused. considering that winter soldier really set him up to be the next villain his role was really dissapiontung in the movie.;.. I would’ve much rather preferred that he would be the one really pulling the strings and him having a grand scheme to destroy the avengers rather than giving that role to Helmut zemo who was a severely dissapionting villain.
    just a couple thoughts I had if you ever considered this idea.. hope you guys will really consider… as usual great job and I hope you guys continue to do more of these.


  4. I liked your version of the story. It actually gives Ultron a reason for trying to destroy the Avengers other than just waking up and deciding to.

    What you did with Strucker is also well done, though I wouldn’t have put him in the field with Wanda and Pietro to retrieve the Sceptre. To me, he isn’t the type of person to go willingly into a fight, especially when its the Avengers we’re talking about.

    I also liked what you did with Thor. His scenes in the cave with Dr. Selvig made absolutely no sense whatsoever. When I read what you did with Thor, about him getting stabbed in the back with the Sceptre is a good way to take him out of the fight and a reason for having the visions. The thing I also liked about Vision in the movie is when he picks up Thor’s hammer. If the Avengers couldn’t pick it up, and Vision could, this definately gives a reason to trust the new guy right away, without having to delve into all the backstory and history. Especially about a character who was literally born yesterday.

    One of the things I didn’t like in your version was the part where Captain America picks up Thor’s hammer.

    The reason why takes us back to Captain America: The First Avenger. In this movie, Abraham Erskine tells steve that the reason he was chosen was because he was naturally a good person. He also tells Steve that a man that has known power all his life will abuse that power, whereas a man that has been bullied all his life, will respect that power.

    Coming back to the hammer scene. When Steve tries to lift the hammer, we hear a squeak, and see Thor’s face change to one of concern. In my opinion, I think Steve was definately worthy enough to lift the hammer, though if you look at it closely, at the end it looks like he is holding back and when he politely tells them he can’t do it.

    In my opinion, I think he could lift it, though he remembered his conversation with Dr. Erskine and didnt want to flaunt his power and worth, cause, as Dr. Erskine says, a little man who has been bullied all his life will respect the power he has been given.


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