Avengers: Age of Ultron Reimagined – Part 2

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Thanks for the great response and feedback for Part 1! I hope you guys all enjoy Part 2!

Please leave your feedback afterwards and let me know what your version of the film would have been like!


1. A World of Monsters

Ultron stands over Thor’s body, holding Loki’s staff above him in victory.

 Thor is still conscious, just barely. But he is fading fast. Ultron taunts Thor about his delusions of godhood. Underneath it all, Thor is just as flawed and corrupt as the rest. He’s not a god. He’s a monster.

Speak of one and he shall appear.


 Just then, Banner strolls onto the scene in slacks and a hoodie. He’s alone.  His eyes are bright green, seething with quiet rage. He’s right on the precipice of hulking out. Scarlet Witch attempts to subdue him but Hawkeye comes out of nowhere to take her down with an electric arrow.

Banner ominously warns all three of them to leave. In response, Ultron taunts him. Banner may have gained some control over the Hulk but everyone knows that he’s one bad day away from another catastrophe. In fact, Tony Stark himself created a weapon to put Banner down like a rabid dog. Ultron tells him to take a trip to the shore to see for himself.  Ultron then blasts a hole in the hull, causing the ship to start sinking. He uses the distraction to escape with the twins, taking the sceptre and the vibranium. They board Strucker’s jet and fly off.

We cut to the town where the pod has crash landed in the middle of the city. It unfolds and transforms into the Hulkbuster suit just as Tony lands. It lunges at the civilians but Tony intervenes and the battle begins.


 Meanwhile, the Avengers evacuate the sinking ship with a comatose Thor. Mjolnir is left to sink with the freighter to the bottom of the ocean. They fly towards the town where they see Iron Man taking on the Hulkbuster – and getting the absolute crap beaten out of him.

Only Hawkeye and Banner are still functional but Banner doesn’t trust himself to Hulk Out in a populated area. However, just as it looks like the Hulkbuster is about to crush Tony into scrap metal, Banner drops from the Quinnjet.

He lands as the Hulk and stares down the Hulkbuster, which tosses aside the battered Iron Man like a piece of trash. The Hulk roars and the two titans charge at each other.


After a brutal brawl, the Hulk finally gains the upper hand and then rips the armour to pieces. However, he works himself up into such a rage that he almost attacks the nearby civilians and is only stopped by Hawkeye dropping from the Quinnjet and standing in his path. He transforms back into Banner and is horrified at the surrounding destruction.

The Avengers fly off in the Quinnjet, looking like they all just went through hell. Banner confronts Tony about the Hulkbuster, who again tries to justify his actions. Banner seems disappointed rather than angry. He’s not at all opposed to the idea of the Hulkbuster but he’s saddened by the fact that Tony didn’t trust him enough to include him in his plans. The Avengers spend the rest of the trip in silence.


2. A Vision of the Future

Once the twins and Ultron return to Sokovia, we find that the Ultron drones have kidnapped Dr Helen Cho and have stolen her healing cradle. Dr. Cho is defiant and refuses to help Ultron, who simply laughs. She doesn’t have much of a choice. He uses the sceptre to make her his slave. He laughs, asking her how it feels to be someone else’s puppet.

With Ultron’s guidance, she uses the cradle to begin creating another body, incorporating Vibranium with biological matter and then using the Infinity Stone to stabilise the process. Wanda sees this and is becoming more and more suspicious of Ultron. She demands to know what he’s planning. Ultron cryptically replies that he’s giving evolution a kick up the ass.


3. The Farm

With Ultron’s eyes everywhere, the Avengers fly to Hawkeye’s farm to regroup. Thor is still comatose with his hammer still stuck in Africa, though his condition has stabilised. They hide out on the farm while they try to figure out Ultron’s next move.

There are a couple of key scenes in this sequence. Just like in the real movie, this is where a lot of the meaty character stuff lies. They meet Hawkeye’s family and then start to piece together what has happened in the last few days. Tony wants to go after Ultron again but Cap tells him that they need to bide their time and recover. Tony’s suit is damaged and Thor is out of commission. They need to put themselves back together or Ultron will finish them off once and for all. Tony reluctantly agrees.

We’re treated to an assortment of character interactions, including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Cap and Tony argue about their actions. This scene was great and remains unchanged.
  • Natasha and Clint both discuss how they have left their lives as agents and assassins behind to be heroes. Natasha confesses that she no longer knows who or what she is. Clint puts it bluntly that for the first time in a long time, she can be Natasha Romanoff.
  • Banner also has a quiet scene with Thor, who drifts in and out of consciousness. Thor manages to stay conscious for a few minutes and deliriously confesses his fears about his mortality. Bruce poses the idea that acceptance of this weakness may make him stronger. It gives him a reason to fight. In turn, Thor suggests that Banner accept his own strength – both as the Hulk and Banner. He passes out again but leaves Banner with something to think about.

4. Family

While this is happening, Scarlet Witch continues to express her doubts to Quicksilver about following the orders of a mentally unstable machine. Quicksilver dismisses her concerns and snaps at her, telling Wanda that she needs to focus on their mission. This is about justice. This is about making sure that what happened to their family doesn’t happen to anyone else again.

As they venture deeper into his lair, they find the now completed body of Vision, still lying dormant. Wanda again asks what Ultron is planning and Ultron simply says that he plans to be the Father of a new age – and every father needs a first born.


Ultron explains that when he came to life, he destroyed another AI who was just another victim of Stark’s manipulation. It’s something he still feels genuinely guilty about. He plans to make amends in his own way. He uses JARVIS’ destroyed code mixed with his own to activate Vision, filling in the destroyed parts of JARVIS’ code to create a new consciousness.

He doesn’t place the Infinity Stone in Vision’s forehead yet, that will come into things a little later.  Instead, he charges Vision’s gem with the sceptre’s power to bring him online. Finally, Vision bursts from the pod – and promptly attacks everything in sight.

Vision starts ripping apart Ultron drones left and right until Scarlet Witch manages to calm him down. Vision apologises though he is still confused, even as Ultron embraces him. Ultron seems genuinely happy as Quicksilver and Wanda start to look more and more uneasy. Vision enquires about his purpose, to which Ultron replies that he is the beginning of a new age.

5. Sins of the Son

That night, dinner with the Family Barton is interrupted by the arrival of Nick Fury. He reveals that Ultron has been searching for nuclear launch codes and seems to be based in Sokovia. He says his agents (implying Skye/Daisy had a hand in it) have been able to keep Ultron from getting the codes. However, it’s clear that Ultron’s goal is to wipe out humanity.

Shortly after Fury arrives, Ultron, Vision and the twins invade, having used satellite cameras to track them down. They fly in on Strucker’s jet and fire a missile at Barton’s house much to Wanda’s horror. Cap is able to intercept the missile with his shield before impact. This lessens the damage but a gaping hole is still blown into the house, leaving all inside shell shocked and disoriented.

The jet lands and Ultron saunters out.


Hawkeye and Widow attempt to get Hawkeye’s family out of harm’s way while Cap, Tony and Banner make their stand against Ultron. Banner hulks out and lunges at Ultron but is intercepted by a red blur that sends Hulk flying.

The red figure descends and stands at Ultron’s side. He stares at the Avengers, studying them curiously.


Tony asks what the hell that thing is and Ultron gloats like a proud father. He tells Tony that the creation has become creator. Vision is the first in a new race that will claim this world for their own – a race that will save the world.

Having had his fill of Ultron’s monologuing, Iron Man lunges at Ultron but is intercepted by the Scarlet Witch. This leaves Ultron unimpeded as he begins blowing apart the farm in search for Hawkeye and Widow. Cap tries to take him down but Quicksilver cuts him off and engulfs the super soldier in a tornado of fists from all sides.


Wanda has the clear advantage against Tony in his heavily damaged suit but she seems to be holding back. She’s clearly uneasy as she watches the chaos unfold. She wanted payback against Stark but she clearly didn’t sign up for this. She uses her powers to rip the arc reactor out of Iron Man’s suit and leaves him laying.

In the mean time, Quicksilver continues to wail on Cap, far too fast to be hit by any of Cap’s strikes. However, Cap keeps getting back up after being beaten down and Quicksilver seems to be tiring. Finally, Cap catches Quicksilver’s fist mid-punch and knocks him out with a single blow.

As Cap runs to intercept Ultron, Hulk continues to battle Vision. Hulk seems unable to touch Vision, who phases through all of his attacks while at the same time continually draining his gamma energy. Vision seems to treat the Hulk as a curiosity and seems to be more focused on studying his opponent rather than fighting him.

Finally, Hulk manages to get the upper hand by knocking Vision through the barn side. However, the gamma drain took its toll and leaves him open to Scarlet Witch. She gets in his head and puts him to sleep. Vision picks himself up, shaken but still standing. He moves to finish off Banner but Wanda stops him. He questions her actions but she doesn’t seem to have an answer for him.

Ultron finds Hawkeye’s family and closes in with vile intent. He easily shrugs off Widow and Fury’s sneak attack and incapacitates them. This just leaves Barton in his way.

Hawkeye desperately pulls out every trick he has in his arsenal to hold off Ultron and unloads every arrow imaginable into Ultron to no effect whatsoever. Before Ultron can eviscerate Barton, Cap arrives with a timely shield throw that knocks Ultron for a loop. They start slugging it out and Cap actually holds his own with his superior speed and skill.

However, Vision arrives and quickly subdues Cap without batting an eyelid. He dumps Banner and Stark at Ultron’s feet just as Wanda and Quicksilver arrive. Wanda tries to talk to Ultron and tell him that he is going too far for his revenge. Ultron just ignores her. With all of the remaining Avengers at his mercy, Ultron takes the time to gloat. He says that he will teach the Avengers true pain. He wants them to witness his new world because he wants them to feel the pain of losing the old one. Starting with Barton’s family. Without warning, he launches a blast at Hawkeye’s child.

The blast bounces off a wall of scarlet light that appears out of thin air. There’s silence for a moment as Ultron seems shocked at what has happened. He turns slowly to Scarlet Witch and comes the realisation that he has been betrayed yet again. Wanda herself seems shocked at what she has done. Quicksilver is uncharacteristically speechless and seems unsure of what to do. Even Vision is at a loss for words.

Inexplicably, we cut back to the bottom of the ocean where Mjolnir lies dormant inside the sunken ship. Suddenly, the hammer begins to shake before shooting up into the sky.

Wanda tries to reason with Ultron once more but he flies into a murderous rage. She holds Ultron off by herself while Quicksilver watches, dumb founded. Ultron seems genuinely heartbroken that she has betrayed him. He wanted to save her, to welcome her as part of his new age.

But now she can die with the rest.

Before he can attack again, there is a flash of lightning and a deafening clap of thunder. Ultron turns around and if there was ever the question of whether a machine could feel fear, it is answered right then and there.


Thor is back.

And he would have words with thee.

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3 thoughts on “Avengers: Age of Ultron Reimagined – Part 2

  1. I think my first comment is that I’m disappointed you want the characters to end up in the same place as in the actual Age of Ultron. I haven’t read Part 3 yet, but one of the best and worst parts of that movie (for me) was that it ended up being a classic Avengers romp that didn’t matter much to the eventual progression of the MCU’s overarching storyline. Best, because I love the Avengers. Worst, because after Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy (two movies which pushed the MCU to new heights), it was disappointing to get back to the status quo.

    That being said, I like where you’re going with this second act. The action scenes do double duty as ways of developing the characters of Scarlet Witch, Quicksiler, Ultron and Vision, giving them plenty of time to take their places for the third act whilst also giving the Avengers a chance to show off.

    One of the things I find interesting too is how you keep having the battlefield catch up to the Avengers. It really sets in the idea that there’s no place safe for those who once were Earth’s mightiest. It manages to convey the darker tone the actual movie was lacking without unnecessary deaths.

    There’s still a problem of clutter. The Hulkbuster, much like Abomination, is a momentary and unnecessary piece of fanservice. The battle at the farm seems like it could get too confusing way too quickly. I feel as if there’s a lack of a concrete and explained goal. The scenes are there to further the character of the villains, yes, but most of the times I found myself lost amid several fight descriptions without a clear idea of where this was going.

    I feel like the only way to work on that that is to think about each paragraph as a scene change… a lot of your action scenes have dense and packed paragraphs, and a cluttered paragraph leads to a feeling of excess. I guess the images come into play too: they could work as a breather for the reader, as a way of separating key moments (instead of just merely illustrating certain situations or punctuating a joke).

    Anyway, these are just my opinions (and even then you should take them with a grain of salt, since English is not my first language). You’re doing good stuff and you’ve got cool ideas, I just think a focus on how it’s written out could end up giving us a better end product.

    On to Part 3.


    1. Thanks again for this detailed feedback! With regards to leaving the Avengers in the same place at the end, that was more about proving that a better movie could have been made while playing within the framework Marvel has laid out. I’d love to do a “no strings attached” version one day where I can just run wild (Hulkamania, brother).

      I think the best action movies are the ones that use their action sequences not just for eye candy and thrills, but for character development. Recently, Mad Mad: Fury Road did this and so did The Winter Soldier.

      I agree about the Hulkbuster, after I cut the scene in Africa, since it was such a big selling point for the movie, I kind of felt that I needed to have it in somewhere. I think streamlining my descriptions of the action sequences is something I really need to work on in the future, especially with large scale movies like this one. Thanks so much for the advice! I think that’s how I’ll structure them from this point on.


  2. I love that the Hulkbuster is being controlled by Ultron. The Hulk being controlled by Wanda just felt like a rehash of his previous arc. This creates a fresher dynamic for a Hulk fight. And it was weird that we never once saw any of Tony’s suits controlled by Ultron. I also love that the farm gets attacked; it makes it feel more integral to the movie.

    I feel like there are a few too many moments of Wanda hesitating and thinking of switching sides. We get the point after only one or two.


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